World of Warcraft: the last cinematic with the Jailer

The final boss in WoW: Shadowlands has been defeated. The final cinematic has arrived, sealing the fate of the Jailer.

The last 3 bosses in the Sepulcher of the First ones, the current WoW raid, have been accessible for a few hours (March 8 state). In America, the jailer has just been defeated for the first time – unlocking the cinematic that plays at the end of the fight.

When does the cinematic play? The cinematic takes place right after the final battle in the current raid, the Sepulcher of the First ones. The Jailer tried to use his magic to destroy Azeroth and use the other Zereth devices to reshape the cosmos. The heroes interrupt him and he finally succeeds in defeating the jailer.

What can be seen in the cinematic? In the cinematic we see how the jailer slowly loses his powers. He has been defeated and his mastery magic fading perfection. As his armor disintegrates, the other Covenants leaders speak to him, judging him for his transgressions. Among them is Denathrius, who would have suggested an “other way” for the jailer that both worked together on.

More and more of the Jailer’s power is lost until he disintegrates and is finally what he originally was – an inanimate Automa like the first ones created him.

However, Zovaal has a few final words. Because he believes that a “divided universe cannot win against what is about to happen”. Apparently, he knows of a new (even greater) threat approaching, even transcending the cosmos. The veil that was torn between Azeroth and the Shadowlands closes again.

Is there more to come? Yes. Even if the raid is now done, the Shadowlands story is not over yet. There are a few more story chapters to come, including one that seems to be about a Tyrande and Sylvanas encounter. However, this is only speculation so far, as new models for both have been found in the game data. The secret, last chapter has now also been teased by the developers.

We’ll find out in a few weeks how things will continue with World of Warcraft. Because in April Blizzard wants to unveil the next expansion.

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