World of Warcraft: Shadowlands was always supposed to end with patch 9.2

Many players doubt that Shadowlands should really only have 2 patches. But the WoW boss says unequivocally: Yes, it was always planned that way.

Patch 9.2 Eternity’s End just started in World of Warcraft. This not only ends eternity, but also the saga around Shadowlands. It’s the final chapter of the expansion. In an interview, the WoW boss explained that it was really always planned that way – even if many players see it completely differently.

What’s going on in WoW? The wait for new content in WoW is over because the new patch is out. But ever since Blizzard announced Patch 9.2, it has been clear to many players: Shadowlands has been curtailed. Actually, at least one more patch was planned and Blizzard “cancelled” the extension because it was so unpopular. But the WoW boss insists: That was not the case.

Who’s speaking? Ion Hazzikostas, the game director of World of Warcraft. He is the “WoW boss” and is responsible for the bigger decisions of the game. In an interview with VentureBeat magazine, he talked about patch 9.2 – and whether it really all went according to plan.

What did Hazzikostas say? VentureBeat questioned whether there were ever any plans for patch 9.3 and whether it was a “similar situation to what we saw back then in Warlords of Draenor” where you would later find out that a lot of content had been scrapped. Hazzikostas explained:

This was always the plan. I’ve seen a lot of speculation from content creators and others that Anduin was originally planned to be the final boss of Patch 9.2 and then there would be a separate Patch 9.3. But no. It has always been a story in three parts. The plan has always been the four areas of the Shadowlands, diving into the Maw, the power of domination, and then traveling to the land of the First Ones, Zereth Mortis.

He then goes on to say that there would be hints of this in the game as well, making it easy to spot.

We planned the design of the city of Oribos long before the release of Shadowlands. There’s this great gate, this mysterious portal in the Soul Judge’s Chamber that we always knew would eventually lead to Zereth Mortis. The pace and structure of the story is something that doesn’t necessarily have a fixed formula.

Hazzikostas goes on to explain that additional patches sometimes distracted from the main story:

Sometimes in the past we’ve had a mid-tier patch that felt more like a digression. It was like, “Okay, now let’s fight Lei Shen and the mogu in the middle of Pandaria, and then we’re going to go back to the Garrosh storyline.” Here, in the Shadowlands, in the realm of the afterlife, the focus was always on the jailer and hunting down the jailer is the only thing we should really focus on. The story played out as intended and I can’t wait for players to see the resolution in a couple of weeks.

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