World of Warcraft: collect Tier sets without visiting raids or dungeons

Play solo and grab tier sets? You can do that in World of Warcraft. Tier Sets are some of the most popular items in World of Warcraft. No wonder, after all, they not only grant extremely strong bonuses, but usually also have a really pretty design and look really good. Almost “secretly” Blizzard has now implemented a new way for players to earn tier sets – without even doing a single group activity. We explain how this works.

What are the items? It’s about the items you can buy for Sandworn Relic. These are badges that you can earn in the open world of Zereth Mortis – especially in the desert area there are the relics, via rare enemies, a daily crate and sometimes via daily quests.

The items available for the badges had previously fallen out of favor with the community. Because many players did not understand what purpose these items should serve at all, which led to severe criticism.

What did Blizzard change? Blizzard has now hotfixed the items from merchant Rafiq so that they can also be used with the Creation Catalyst. This means that you can make tier set parts out of items with item level 246 in the future. This is especially worthwhile for players who do not play any group content at all, only visit the LFR or simply have no luck with drops. Since you can buy individual items with the relics, you have full control over which slot you want to convert into an tier set.

How do you make tier sets out of them? With this you simply have to travel to the Creation Catalyst once it is unlocked. That should be with the next maintenance, so on Wednesday April 13, 2022. You can find the Creation Catalyst at coordinates 48 / 89 – you have already visited it during the Covenant campaign to charge a keystone with energy.

The Creation Catalyst allows you to convert items from PvP or Mythic+ into Tier Set parts – or even from “Open World Content”. The item level of the item is retained, but it adopts the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat would be suitable for the corresponding set part.

Some examples: You got the set helmet of your tier set from the LFR, but only at item level 239. However, you got a great helmet at item level 265 from a “Mythic+” dungeon. With this you can go to the Creation Catalyst and turn your dungeon helm into a level 265 tier set helm.

Or are you simply not lucky with dropping tier set parts, but have earned a strong shoulder at item level 265 in PvP. You can throw the shoulder into the catalyst and turn it into a tier set piece.

However, the catalyst has a cooldown. You can only use it once a week at the beginning, but the cooldown will decrease as the weeks go by. Later, you’ll be able to craft an tier set piece every other day. The catalyst is therefore a mechanism that is supposed to help against particularly bad luck, but is not the only way to get tier set items.

Also keep in mind that each use of the Catalyst requires the Cosmic Flux resource. However, anyone who has farmed them even halfway diligently since the release of the patch shouldn’t have any problems any time soon.

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