New World of Warcraft cinematic: Anduin in the raid

The new cinematic in World of Warcraft shows what happens to Anduin in the raid. But another well-known villain also has his last appearance…

The new raid “Sepulcher of the First Ones” is live in World of Warcraft – at least in America. The first players have already rushed through the raid and defeated the last boss Anduin (for the time being). As you would expect, this is accompanied by an interesting cinematic.

Spoiler alert: Don’t read any further if you don’t want to know what’s happening with Anduin!

The cinematic takes place immediately after the Anduin Wrynn fight. The fight may have come as a surprise to some players, as you not only fight against Anduin, but also against a fragment of Arthas, the former Lich King. It has become part of Anduin’s weapon and gives him special abilities in battle.

In the cinematic, we see Anduin but hear the voice of Arthas. He “uses” Anduin’s body to do the Jailer’s will. He is about to unleash a devastating attack when Anduin falters. It looks like more and more pieces of Anduin’s soul are being drawn into the sword via his face – so some old acquaintances are showing up.

Anduin sees memories of his father Varian and Saurfang. Both remind him that the sword he wields was not originally intended for such a purpose. It does not belong to darkness, but was forged in heroism and honor. “The legacy of the sword and our legacy are with you,” Varian explains before he and Saurfang help him clear his mind. Anduin manages to split the Mournblade in two, just as the sword could be split in two before it was reforged by the gaoler.

This schism causes the Jailer’s domination magic to be released from Anduin, the death knight’s sinister armor ebbing away, leaving Anduin in his familiar Stormwind armor. A small, blue spark lingers in front of Anduin – the last flicker of Arthas’ soul that still exists and was then forged into the blade. Jaina asks if “that’s all that’s left of him,” which Uther confirms with “the last spark of his torn soul.”

Sylvanas then dismisses Arthas into eternity with the words:

No crown. No throne. Not even a soul remains to be judged. I hated you, chased you. And with every act of selfishness…I became you. This is my burden to bear. But your legacy is finished. Away, Arthas Menethil. May the last whisper of your name die away and be forgotten.

The blue light goes out – and with it the last spark of Arthas that existed.

Is there more to come? Yes. The raid is divided into 2 parts. The last 3 bosses will only be made accessible in the coming week. Then comes the final fight against the jailer, and an exciting cinematic is also expected here. If you want to see the cinematic live yourself, starting Wednesday, March 2nd you can enter the raid and fight Anduin yourself.

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