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Undecember distributed in free-to-play: what is in the store?

The South Korean launch of Undecember allows us to better understand the content of its store: everything that is available there is also accessible in the game (directly or indirectly), but the store will allow you to start more quickly.

Undecember has just been launched in South Korea and a western version of the hack’n’slash is expected in the coming weeks or months. The game is distributed on a free-to-play model and intends to finance itself through a virtual item store. But what about the details of its economic model and the content of its store? Let’s have a look at what you can find in the South Korean version of the game – still subject to changes in the Western version.

As usual for a free-to-play game, Undecember includes several different currencies: Diamonds, Rubies and Gold.Undecember store

  • Gold is the main in-game currency: you earn it while playing and you use it with NPCs in the game world, whether it’s with merchants, craftsmen or alchemists (which allow you to improve your character’s “runes”, to combine or improve your skills);
  • Diamonds are a premium currency and can be bought with real money, they allow you to make purchases in the premium store of Undecember;
  • Finally, Rubies are a hybrid currency that can be purchased with Diamonds or earned in-game by participating in certain activities and are used both to purchase packs and in player-to-player transactions via an auction house where all types of items are traded, including items from the premium store.

Understandably, players who do not wish to invest real money in the game will be able to acquire Diamonds or premium items through Rubies and through exchanges with other players, who would use the store.

So what can you find in the Diamond Shop? Need Games promised that it would be limited to comfort items. In concrete terms, Diamonds are mainly used to purchase additional storage space (inventory and warehouse expansions, access to special warehouses to store runes), as well as additional companion features that can be activated for seven to 28 days (such as the ability to pick up items).

Rubies allow for more varied purchases, including packs with various contents. Some of them include gold, but also items that can be used to improve runes or equipment (of a white or blue rank). There are also chests of potions of different kinds and levels of effectiveness, scrolls of identification of magic items or an item that allows you to reset your stats or skill points – as an indication, the reset is also possible from NPCs for gold.

To balance the use of the store, most packs are available in limited quantities (you can only buy one, two or four per account and/or per month depending on their content). Also, these packs do not contain any rune reagents or high-level equipment (which you can only earn by playing, especially by facing bosses).

Obviously, spending real money will allow you to progress faster at the beginning of the game (by buying Diamonds, then converting them into Rubies to buy packs). However, the store obviously does not include any exclusive items or features that are only available to “paying” players. Rubies can also be earned in-game and most packs or their content can also be looted (what about their in-game rarity level?) and traded with other players via the ruby auction house.

While waiting for the western launch of Undecember, everyone will be able to judge the balance retained by the developer to both ensure a certain fairness between players and the need to finance the game.

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