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Review on Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection – An old treasure hunt

Following the waltz of remasters of PlayStation 4 titles on PlayStation 5, Uncharted 4 and The Lost Legacy find themselves together in a collection. Already available on Sony’s latest console, the game will also be released later on PC, a first foray outside of PlayStation for Naughty Dog’s “Indiana Jones” with two titles that attempted to renew the license with larger play areas. But while we wait for the PC edition to be released, it’s the PlayStation 5 version that we’ve seen.
Adventures from another time

When Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End was released in 2016 on PlayStation 4, it was a small revolution for a saga that has always been compartmentalized in an ultra-linear progression. While the title still remained very directional, it offered larger maps where you could spend a little more time exploring locations. The narrative benefited the most from this opening up, with a narrative that had learned to sit back, reflect and take a step back, moving away from the concentrated, fast-paced action of previous episodes.

If we could sometimes consider these moments as dead times, since it must be said that the title was less unanimous than the second one, for example, they also had the advantage of letting us breathe and allowing us to emphasize the dialogues, always a strength for Naughty Dog. Because we will always admire the work of the studio based in Santa Monica on the writing of its characters, but also and especially all these dialogues that accompany the adventures, where the characters throw jokes or make observations on the environments.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s EndA real feeling of life emerges from it, the whole associated with animations which still remain today examples in the matter. And it must be said that Uncharted 4 has aged very well, not only visually, but also on the themes that the game tackles, in a last adventure of Nathan Drake where he takes stock of his many adventures one last time, a sort of return to his origins, before being able to hang up.

The Lost Legacy, meanwhile, a spin-off released as a standalone in 2017, focused instead on the characters of Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross in a pseudo-open world (which actually served only as backdrops to more linear missions). Strong also in its narration, but also in the highlighting of characters frankly successful with a great dynamic, the title is no less interesting to discover today.

The remaster sublimates its numerous panoramas, even if like Uncharted 4, we lost at the time a bit this tradition of the license which consisted in chaining the money shot, lingering on more calm moments which brought a lot to the plot, but which had more difficulty to hold the attention. In both cases, whether it is Uncharted 4 or The Lost Legacy, we are facing games that impress for their vivacity, their direction, especially thanks to the excellent animations (movements, faces…) and especially to the beauty of the artistic direction that never leaves anything to chance.

Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection graphicsThe interpretation of the dubbing actors and actresses is always of high quality, associated with a lip-synchronization and effective facial expressions. Nevertheless, we still have our doubts about the gunfights of the license, which are both impressive for their staging and, once again, for the animations, but which suffer from this famous floating aiming specific to the Naughty Dog games (which we also find in The Last of Us) which sometimes lacks precision, especially in the highest difficulty levels. We are quite curious to see how this will work on PC.

Sublimated reinventions

But remastering means hopes for a revamped game. Uncharted 4 and The Lost Legacy were already very beautiful for their time, Naughty Dog perfectly mastered their titles on their visual aspect, and re-launching one of these titles on PlayStation 4 today is still quite impressive as long as you don’t dwell too much on the resolution. So let’s face it, this remaster didn’t have much to do and therefore does nothing. The visual differences are minimal, if not invisible, especially in terms of textures and depth of field, which are still in line with what we saw on PS4.

However, the difference is clearly visible on the resolution side, as the game allows you to play either in 4K 30fps (fidelity), in 4K upscaled from a 1440p 60fps source (performance) or in 1080p 120fps (performance +). 

Uncharted the lost legacy helicopterEither way, both games look great and if you have the screen capable of displaying 120fps, there is a real point to it. However, our preferred mode remains “performance”, with its 4K upscaled from a 1440p source of the most beautiful effect and without much difference with the native 4K mode which suffers from its 30fps. Whatever we choose, these three modes are very stable and if the 120fps mode suffers from some framerate drops, they are far too limited to have a harmful impact or to be really noticeable. The 60fps mode alone is a great pleasure, not only for the general fluidity, but also to show the superb work done on the animations, more convincing than ever.

But this collection, if it is technically solid and reminds the pleasure of playing these two titles in their time, suffers from a gap: the multiplayer. Passed over, it is an interesting content of Uncharted 4 that does not return on this occasion in a collection that already suffers from criticism for its price of 50 euros, although it is possible to get both games for 10 euros if you already own one or the other in their PS4 version. The other disappointment lies in the DualSense, a controller that could have had interesting sensations with Uncharted, but we have to make do with vibrations that are a little more diverse and triggers that react sluggishly to shots.

Far from being a success, the use of the PS5 controller’s specificities is not very good, and we hope that Naughty Dog will review its copy for the next games of the studio specifically created for the PlayStation 5.


Without bringing much more than a higher resolution and a framerate of 60 or 120 frames per second, depending on the visual mode chosen, Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection has the pleasure of rediscovering Nathan Drake’s adventures like a bunch of old friends. Naughty Dog’s hero’s last stand is sublimated, but above all, it remembers all its good sides, from chiseled dialogues to a dramatic intensity, despite a few moments of hesitation. As for The Lost Legacy, it’s an audacious title in its form, with a quasi-open world full of good ideas, which also gives good hopes for the future of the license.

Of course, the collection is not essential for people who have already turned the two titles upside down, but as usual with this kind of remaster: it’s the best possible version.

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