Uncharted legacy of thieves collection

Naughty Dog developers do not reject the possibility of new Uncharted games

The Legacy of Thieves Collection bundle, which combines the two latest installments in the series – Uncharted 4, which concluded the story of Nathan Drake, and The Lost Legacy side adventure – was released for PlayStation 5 this week. In a recent interview, co-lead designer Kurt Margenau and Lost Legacy creative director Shaun Escayg discussed the future of the series alongside the remaster’s features.


When asked about a possible Uncharted 5, Escayg was unable to reveal any further details about Naughty Dog’s future plans, but did say in the same breath that Uncharted is a series that the entire studio still loves.

– It’s a world we want to see more of ourselves. That much I can say with certainty,” Escayg said.

Uncharted the lost legacy helicopterThe Uncharted game series turns 15 this year, since the first installment of Drake’s Fortune was released exclusively for PlayStation 3 in 2007. The Legacy of Thieves Collection is also due out on PC later this year. This will be the first time that a Uncharted title will be seen on a non-Sony platform.

According to the developer duo, they have not been involved in the development of the Uncharted movie starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg, which is also just around the corner. The Finnish premiere is scheduled for 18 February this year, interest rate restrictions permitting,

The full text of the interview is available at the source link.

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