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Reverie Knights Tactics Review – The shorter the better…

Released on January 25, 2022, Reverie Knight Tactics offers us to follow the adventure of four heroes who want to save an expedition that has lost its way in a lost elven city. The studio 40 Giants Entertainment proposes to us here to take again a work of Marcelo Cassaro named “Dungeon Crawler” in the sauce of the tactical role playing game.


We go back to the basics

The scenario remains quite simplistic. The elves and goblins having difficulties to communicate peacefully, the war broke out and it was a carnage. In it, one of the largest and most beautiful cities was lost: Lenorienn. An expedition was sent to try to recover the city, but there has been no word on the city since. You meet one of the protagonists of the adventure, Aurora. She volunteers to go in search of the lost expedition. Her motivation is even stronger because one of the people in this group is none other than her father.

Reverie Knights Tactics dialogueAurora is accompanied by Brigandine, a warrior in heavy armor carrying a gigantic shield and always hungry. Later, they meet Fren, a belligerent elf, and are joined by Hellaron, a mystical robot who is connected to a powerful artifact (Helladarion) and who watches over Aurora. Each character has his own specific characteristics and behavior. Thus, Aurora tends to use various magics depending on the direction you give her, Fren is a melee fighter, Brigandine is a “tank”…

The dialogues between the different protagonists, although only in English, are quite interesting and their personalities are well supported. However, it sometimes lacks depth and deeper relationships. It should be noted that this is also due to a rather poor lifespan for a game of this type (count 8 hours max).

Note that there is a system of choices in the dialogues that allows you to follow a certain influence (think of it as the dark side and the light side of a jedi for example). These choices give you different dialogues and scenes.

Strategically tactical

The game doesn’t really bring a different dimension to what you know from isometric view tactical role-playing. Movement, action points, skills… It’s all déjà vu. The objective of the fights is generally to kill everything in your way. However, to compensate for this very classic side, there are challenges in the top right corner of the screen. These bring you “Cogni” and extra experience if you complete them, which can be very advantageous for you. Cogni allow you to buy scrolls that improve your stats; the more expensive the better.

Reverie Knights Tactics fightHowever, it should be noted that the elements of the scenery have a particular importance. Indeed, interactions with them allow you to inflict damage, alterations of state, block a path… Therefore, it is sometimes interesting to analyze the terrain to set up a strategy and take advantage of these elements. The fights, even in a basic difficulty mode, can quickly turn against you, because the enemies are stronger.

The non-combat phases offer you mainly dialogues and mini-puzzles, but also the possibility to improve your characters via experience gained. Each time you level up, you will have the choice between two skills and the distribution of points in very basic statistics such as damage, magic or defense. We quickly realize that on this aspect, the game is very simplistic.

Nice but nothing more

From the very first moments, it appears that special attention has been paid to the graphic aspect of the title, which is very detailed and gives a bit of a comic book impression. There are many panoramas in which it is possible to find objects. The animations of the characters range from very good to correct for the most part.

Reverie Knights Tactics is an interesting tactical role-playing game, but it is more a small passing game than a real must-have. It will amuse you for a few hours and you will forget it quickly.

The game is currently available on Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Switch at a price of around 25 euros. A relatively high price considering the length and quality of the title, but we are never safe from a promotion. If you have 25 euros and you want a turn-based tactical role-playing game, I invite you to look instead at another game published by the same publisher as Reverie Knight, namely : Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark.

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