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Fallen Earth Classic (re)launches on Steam

After being resurrected at the end of last year, Fallen Earth Classic is now also available on Steam, distributed completely free of charge.

We remember that last October, the studio Little Orbit resurrected Fallen Earth. The post-apocalyptic MMORPG had closed its doors in 2019 after a decade of operation, mainly because it seemed difficult to really evolve the game on an aging code. At the end of 2021, Little Orbit nevertheless relaunched Fallen Earth, in a “Classic” version as the game was at its launch and inviting players to recreate new characters.

Fallen Earth Classic artFallen Earth Classic is available on the game’s official website, it is now also available on Steam – this was a request from players, but when Fallen Earth (re)launched last December, the game version was obviously not compatible with the Steam version. Little Orbit has now fixed the problem and players who want to can link their game account (GamersFirst) to their Steam account. This will undoubtedly give back some visibility to Fallen Earth to the fans of the genre and contribute to repopulate the game servers.

For those who are curious, Fallen Earth Classic is distributed completely free of charge: the game client can be downloaded freely on the official website or on Steam, and Fallen Earth Classic does not include any store or hidden fees.

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