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The Wagadu Chronicles kicks off its alpha test

After validating its KickStarter campaign in September 2020, The Wagadu Chronicles is now launching its first alpha-test phase. The main game mechanics will be available in alpha.

The Wagadu Chronicles villageIn September 2020, Berlin-based studio Twin Drums validated its Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign within days (to the tune of more than 163,000 euros) to bring to fruition the development of its MMORPG The Wagadu Chronicles – a title immersing players in an Afro-fantasy inspired environment. The first playable version is now available and the developer has just kicked off the game’s alpha. The servers will remain open for one week, until March 1st.

The alpha-test is available to contributors of the game’s funding campaign (who should have already received their invitation), as well as to some of the subscribers of the official newsletter.

The Wagadu Chronicles Female charactersWe especially note that several components of Wagadu Chronicles will be available during this week of testing. In bulk, the developer mentions the character creation tool with its inheritance system (the character inherits certain abilities from his ancestors), the RPG-Tactical multiplayer combat system, crafting and resource harvesting in the game world, as well as the bartering system between players, the skill system and their consequences on in-game activities, the basics of wildlife AI (with pacifist, curious or aggressive creatures), all in two environments with their villages and wildlife, as well as the guild quests or the “cinematic dialogues” system between players (which should help to boost social interactions between players).

For the record, The Wagadu Chronicles immerses players in an environment inspired by medieval Africa and its myths (to carry a particularly rich lore), while relying on tabletop role-playing mechanics to encourage players to play a role in the game world and with other players. To be discovered more concretely from now on in alpha, indeed.

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