“Skin of the Vipermagi” Chest Armor



“Skin of the Vipermagi” Chest Armor in Diablo 2 Resurrected:

  • Here you can buy “Skin of the Vipermagi” Chest Armor in Diablo 2 Resurrected
  • Service available on PC, Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch
  • Item will be traded to your character in game
  • Estimated delivery time: 10-20 minutes

Base Stats

Defense: 279
Required Level: 29
Required Strength: 43
Durability: 24

Item Modifiers

+1 To All Skill Levels
+30% Faster Cast Rate
+120% Enhanced Defense
All Resistances +20-35 (“ALLRES”)
Magic Damage Reduced by 9-13 (“MDR”)

How to receive your Skin of the Vipermagi:

  1. Check if desired D2R item is in stock (if it’s not in stock – you can ask customer support when it’s gonna be available, usually we have approximate ETA)
  2. Select your Platform. Item can be delivered on PC, Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch
  3. Choose “Variable Modifiers”. Most items has several modifiers that can roll value within certain range. In this field you can see what variable values are present on the item.
  4. Click “Add to Cart”, “Proceed to checkout”, fill out your name and e-mail address (and/or alternative contact details) that we’ll use to contact you and setup a trade.
  5. Fill in your account details in respective field – PSN for Playstation, Xbox Gamertag for Xbox and Battle.net tag for PC or Friend Code for Nintendo Switch (This step is not mandatory, yet recommended to speed up delivery).
  6. Select payment method and complete the payment. You’ll be provided with your order number that you can use in all respective communications if needed.
  7. Fastest way to communicate is writing in Live Chat on website (bottom right corner) or discord. Alternatively you can wait until our managers contact you via e-mail, discord or skype you’ve provided (can take additional time).
  8. Our trader will create a private session that you will join and trade with you. It’s important to place any item on the trading board for safety reasons. Can be any worthless item you have.

If you have any other questions about how to Buy “Skin of the Vipermagi” Chest Armor in Diablo 2:Resurrected – feel free to contact us by any method available.


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