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Rift again invaded by the Hellbugs from Defiance

In 2013, rifts in the world of Rift let out Hellbugs, those alien creatures from the Defiance universe. Now the invasion is back in the world of Telara: Rift players have one week to mobilize.

Late last year, MGI Group’s (which owns Gamigo) business report indicated that a content update is likely to be rolled out to the Rift MMORPG universe in the first quarter of 2022. At this point, the developer is not yet releasing any details about the update in question, but Rift is revitalizing its universe for a short week.

hellbugs invade RiftFrom now until February 7, Hellbugs are back in the Rift universe in daily quests. For the record, Hellbugs were creatures from the Defiance universe, the action MMO operated by Trion Worlds and then Gamigo, whose servers closed in April of last year. When Defiance launched in 2013, Trion Worlds had imagined a crossover between its two MMOs: creatures from the sci-fi MMO would land in the fantasy world of Rift via its rift system to parallel planes.

Obviously, Gamigo is resurrecting this crossover, so Rift players will once again have to mobilize against Hellbugs and repel the invasion in the cities of Mathosia and Ember Isle. This time, eliminating Hellbugs will earn a special currency (Chaos Motes) that can be exchanged for Hellbugs mounts, pets and skins – in addition to various bonuses in the form of loots by successfully closing Hellbugs loopholes.

If there are no major updates or new features, the world of Telera is at least getting a little more colorful by trying to mobilize players around common goals.

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