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The “MOCO” Project-V prepares resumption of its tests, enrollment is opened

The pre-alpha of the intriguing Project-V (which mixes MOBA and MMO mechanics) will be relaunched on March 5th. Until then, registration to join the testing process is open on the official website.

In late 2020, a handful of Riot Games veterans announced the creation of the Vela Games studio to design Project-V, a “MOCO,” a cooperative multiplayer online game that would borrow from both MOBA and MMO mechanics – more or less, the game is to use the codes of a MOBA but in which groups of players cooperate in boss raids.

The game has already undergone a few pre-alpha pressure sessions (obviously with some success and allowing the studio Vela Games to raise additional funds from investors) and the studio announces the upcoming resumption of testing: The first play test of 2022 will be launched on March 5 and Vela Games is launching the recruitment process for testers.

Project-v supportAt the end of the week, the studio will send an email to all the registered users of the official website, inviting them to activate their account. It is through this account activated on the official site that will be unlocked access to the various phases of testing to come (pre-alpha, alpha, then beta). The studio specifies that activating an account does not guarantee access to the pre-alpha on March 5, but it does guarantee that you will be among the potential candidates. As usual, each new phase of testing will welcome new testers.

Most likely, this stage, like the last, will go under the NDA, although the official announcement is silent about it. In 2022 the developers promise to conduct tests more often, to collect more feedback from players.

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