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Test of Pants Quest – The Lost Pants Adventurer

The Australian studio Ghost Cat Games offers us its first little game, Pants Quest – a quest that launches us in search of pants. Let’s see what’s behind this rather funny premise.


Honey, where are my paaaaaaaants?

Pants Quest feed the catFor Dave, it is one of these mornings when nothing is right. It’s raining outside, his girlfriend Carla is not there, his cat is hungry, he can’t find his suit pants and the Universe seems to be conspiring to put obstacles in his way. He will have to be guided to avoid having to go to work in his underwear.

The adventure is presented in the form of a retro point’n click. The interface looks like the venerable Scumm: verbs representing possible actions on one side, the inventory on the other, the game screen in big pixels above all that. Some keyboard shortcuts are provided so that you don’t have to move the mouse around when you want to perform an operation.

The different points of interest appear highlighted when you move the cursor over them and you are quickly surprised by the large number of them. However, the game often uses the trick of the character refusing to examine some of them until a previous task has been completed.

A cheeky offer
Pants Quest puzzle“The game is short” warns us on the game’s Steam page. And rightly so: the adventure is completed in about an hour. “Solve puzzles” adds this description. One caveat here: there is one particularly tricky puzzle, but the rest is just a matter of finding the right objects and using them in rather obvious contexts.

The pixel art is well done (if you like the style), but the animations can be a bit stiff at times. The game has no music, no voices: the whole adventure is done to the sound of the rain outside and the cat crying for attention. The texts are only in English, of a rather simple level.

The wrapping is therefore rather simplistic. The problem is that the experience is just as simplistic. In the end, we only accompany the character during a difficult moment, a particularly fishy morning. Other than that, there is nothing out of the ordinary, nothing to surprise or amaze the player. It’s just a simple slice of life, and not a particularly interesting one at that…

Pants Quest its shortA short and not really striking experience, Pants Quest lacks something that would allow it to stand out from the rest of the production. Scheduled to be released on March 2, 2022, it remains to be seen if the price will be as high as the rest.

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