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The MMORPG Palia opts for a free-to-play model and explains why

The community MMORPG Palia will be distributed in free-to-play, to gather as many players as possible in the game universe. To finance itself, the studio opts for the sale of strictly custom costumes.

Last summer, the studio Singularity 6 announced the development of Palia with the objective of making it a community MMORPG, based on a gameplay that relies more on interactions between players than on combat. In a note published on the official website, the developer clarifies its choices in terms of business model: Palia will be distributed free-to-play.

Palia bridgeAccording to the Singularity 6 team, this choice is explained by Palia’s ambition: to bring players together, form communities and encourage exchanges. In the context of a unifying game, the studio believes that it is appropriate to break down barriers, particularly financial ones. It will therefore be possible to venture into the world of Palia without having to buy a copy of the game or pay a subscription.

However, in order to function, to be updated regularly and to ensure the sustainability of Singularity 6 (the studio believes it is important that its employees can live decently, enjoy social benefits and an attractive remuneration), Palia must also generate a turnover. The studio is therefore opting to add a custom decorative store – at this stage, the studio is only considering selling costumes and clothing for its character.

And the developer has set a few rules: the content of the store will be exclusively decorative (without granting benefits or the ability to progress faster) and what will be sold in the store will only be available in the store, while what can be earned in-game can not be purchased. In other words, the developer wants in-game achievements to be exclusively the result of the player’s activity, not the size of his wallet (for example, housing and crafting are important components of Palia’s gameplay, players will not be able to buy furniture in the store, and decorating a house will be the concrete result of players’ community activities).

Palia mountain viewAnd as business models can sometimes evolve over time (the content of a store is not always the same at launch and then after a year of operation), Singularity 6 promises to be transparent: if the business model should evolve, if prices should change, the studio commits to announce it openly and explain the reasons for these changes.

We’ll have to see for ourselves when the time comes. Until then, Palia is getting ready to launch the first alpha-test phases (after a pre-alpha last summer). The first invitations are being sent since the end of last week.

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