WoW: Patch 9.2 abolishes the Shards of domination

In World of Warcraft patch 9.2, the Shards of Domination come to an inglorious end. They almost no longer work anywhere.

Some systems in World of Warcraft start small and grow really big. Pet battles are such a case, which only ended up as a small bonus and later as a comparatively large, permanent game system. Extremely inglorious it now ends for the shards of domination. They were supposed to be a great feature in Patch 9.1, but they’ll be disabled again in Patch 9.2 Eternity’s End – the system just didn’t go over well.

Why? Around the Shards of Domination, sometimes called “Domination Shards”. These were special patch 9.1 sockets that players could mount on certain armor. The sockets didn’t give strong bonuses like several percentage points of bonus damage, but could also activate certain set bonuses that gave massive advantages in the current Sanctum of Domination raid.

What will be changed? In a forum post, Blizzard revealed that the Shards of Domination system will not be continued in the upcoming patch 9.2 End of Eternity. What’s more, the system is completely deactivated in almost all relevant content. More precisely it says:

Our plan that we are currently working on on the PTR is to disable the shards in Zereth Mortis, Sepulcher of the First ones, in all PvP situations and all dungeons starting with the launch of the Eternity’s End Updates. In this scenario, the Shards of Domination would still be active in the old Shadowlands zones, the Maw, the Sanctum of Domination, and Torghast.

Basically, this means that the shards will still work in the old content from Patch 9.1, but in all new and current content – such as the Raid, Mythic+ or PvP – neither the shards nor their set bonuses are relevant and are deactivated.

Why was that so annoying? The problem with the Shards of Domination was simply that they presented another barrier to being able to really compete successfully in the endgame. Farming the shards on a single character was exhausting enough for many players – repeating it with twinks was then an impertinence.

Regularly visiting the Sanctum of Domination raid was not enough. If you really wanted to keep everything up to date, you also had to visit Korthia regularly to upgrade the shards and unfold their full potential. Another of many hurdles that players found too annoying to really get into the endgame. There was also the problem that the fragments could only be attached to a few, selected armors. Anyone who found equipment that was actually higher in terms of item level had to grudgingly wear the worse armor.

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