WoW: New Torghast mode only with bosses

World of Warcraft and Torghast – a new mode for the tower is coming and simply leaves out the most annoying content. On the PTR of patch 9.2 “Eternity’s End“, the final update of WoW: Shadowlands, there was another small, unexpected innovation. The Tower of the Damned, Torghast, is getting another small annex and a completely new game mode. Here you just skip the “annoying” part of the tower – and only fight against bosses.

What kind of mode is it? In “Jailer’s Gauntlet” you don’t have to laboriously explore many levels. Instead, each level consists of just a single, small corridor that leads into a larger room. There are only a handful of trash mobs and otherwise only the boss of the current level.

In this mode, you’ll fight the bosses over and over again, while you unlock new anima powers and try out particularly powerful combinations. It eliminates the fight against most trash, avoiding traps, but also destroying phylacteries or saving souls.

Are there any special rules? Yes, that has already been compiled on wowhead. Unlike in the usual corridors of Torghast, there are a number of special features that you have to get used to again. These are:

  • The “box of many things” is not active. So you cannot “roll” skills, but there are also no agony effects or blessings.
  • There is no rating for the time required. You have as much time as you want.
  • There are a limited number of deaths. After 5 deaths your run ends and the Tarragrue throws you out. Don’t ask why he’s back.
  • If you die, the current boss resets and then has full life points again.

What are the requirements? In addition, there is a recommended item level for each level. It’s designed in such a way that the first levels can be mastered by “fresh” Shadowlands characters, while the last levels require pretty good equipment from patch 9.2.

What are the rewards? Similar to the winding corridors, there are also a number of rewards in “Jailer’s Gauntlet” that you receive for completing certain levels. Every 2 levels there is either a title, a toy or even a mount. The previously known (and presumably final) rewards are:

  • Level 2: Lightless Tormentor (Battle Pet)
  • Level 4: Dominated Hearthstone (Hearthstone Toy)
  • Level 6: Gauntlet Runner [player name] (title)
  • Level 8: Sturdy Soulsteel Mawrat Harness (mount)

Modus is purely optional: The best thing about the new Torghast node is that it is completely optional. Those who are not interested in the cosmetic rewards do not need to dwell there either. The new Legendary upgrades in Patch 9.2 do not require any resources from Torghast, so that only players who really want to go to the tower have to go here. Please note that it is still data from the PTR that can still change until the release.

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