WoW fixed the most annoying problem for alts

New characters at level 60 in World of Warcraft only had scruffy soulbinds. A hotfix has now fixed that – and almost completely removed the problem.

With the 9.1.5 patch, Blizzard has made the leveling of characters in World of Warcraft much easier. Many catch-up mechanics also ensure that a fresh hero at level 60 is soon ready for action. The biggest shortcoming so far, however, was the lack of soulbinds – but this has now been remedied with a hotfix.

What was the problem? A new character at level 60 must collect all soulbinds from the lowest level. So he first finds soulbind at item level 145 (or a little higher, depending on the equipment) through world quests. But soulbinds make up a large part of a character’s strengths. That’s why you have to embrace all of the soulbinds before you can be a really useful team member in dungeons and raids or in PvP.

What has WoW changed now? “In passing”, Blizzard has brought a new item into play, the “Incense of Infinity”. You can buy them from the NPC “Au’Dara”. It’s in Oribos on the upper level, right next to the flight master and costs a 500 gold. If a character uses this item, he learns all soulbinds of his current pact at item level 200. While this is not the maximum, most soulbinds already have a large part of their power at this level. From there it is much easier to only upgrade the desired media in Korthia and Torghast or to get them from dungeons and raids.

What are the requirements? In order to be able to buy the item, at least one character on your account must have already reached the covenant rank at level 80. Anyone who played halfway actively should have already done so. The corresponding character can then buy the “Incense of Infinity” and simply send it to all second characters. They can use the item even if the character is just fresh at level 60 and has chosen a covenant.

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