WoW: A little battle chicken is terrorizing TBC Classic

The little mechanical chickens in Burning Crusade Classic (TBC Classic) are the big stars. They are better than any battle frenzy or war drum. In World of Warcraft Classic and “The Burning Crusade Classic” WoW is not quite as polished as it is in the retail version of the game. This sometimes makes for funny effects or just really strong buffs, which the developers probably never intended to be exploited in this way. A little chicken is causing a stir now – well, strictly speaking, a machine.

Engineers can call up the “Gnomish battle chicken” and use it to create a small, mechanical companion that supports them in battle for 90 seconds. Particularly exciting: The mechanical chicken can give its owner and all group members the “slaughtered crow” buff, which increases the speed by 5%.

What makes the chicken so strong? The speed buff of 5% can be stacked up to 5 times, which gives the character a full 25% speed – for a whopping 4 minutes. This is only possible if all 5 group members summon a chicken, but that is hardly an obstacle. Before it was a bit dependent on chance whether and when you get the buff – but now the players have found a way to do that Chicken screams immediately. In most cases, the buff is enough to last a whole boss fight and thus drastically simplify it. Several YouTubers show how to get the buff reliably.

What does Blizzard say about it? According to a forum post by Blizzard, they are aware that gamers are deliberately taking advantage of the little chicken. A few small changes have already been made, so the buff no longer persists after the logout. Before, it was possible to stack the buff many dozen of times by simply logging out in between. Now this is no longer possible, so the buff reaches its peak after a maximum of 5 stacks.

Blizzard keeps a look at it, but does not want to adjust anything at the moment. This is also because this behavior is more difficult to generate, for example with war drums, for which you only have to click a single button every 2 minutes.

Why is that even a problem? Basically, of course, you can argue about whether using this mechanic is really a problem. After all, the bosses in Burning Crusade Classic are not particularly strong and a coordinated team can easily defeat them even without taking advantage of such mechanics. It was also possible in Burning Crusade.

One point of criticism that Blizzard wants to address is the visibility of the buff in the log files. Because in the fight text and the evaluation of the boss fight it is sometimes not clear whether players have used such a buff or even how many stacks of it. That makes it difficult to keep leaderboards and to filter out such “exploits”. Blizzard wants to see whether this can be shown more clearly.

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