World of Warcraft: Winter Veil Gifts are already available

Winter Veil presents are back in World of Warcraft. This year it’s actually pretty cool – and you shouldn’t miss it. A longstanding tradition in all major MMORPGs, including World of Warcraft, are the Winter Veil gifts. Every year there is something new, also in 2021. If you have the opportunity, you should pick up the latest gift, or the one from previous years, now.

Where can I get the presents? You will receive the gifts in different places depending on the faction. Horde players go to Orgrimmar in the Valley of Honor and find the giant Winter Veil tree with the presents there.
Alliance players travel to Ironforge to find Grandfather Winter at the bank. There the gifts are each placed under the tree as quests. Don’t worry, you just have to “accept” the quest to complete it immediately. There is no real task.

What’s new this year? In 2021 there will be a number of new gifts that toy collectors in particular might like – but also those of the young at heart who liked to play with toy cars. The “Rockin ‘Rollin’ Racer Customizer 19.9.3” is new. This is a toy with which you can conjure up different vehicles, with which you can then compete against other players.

The whole thing is a nod to Blizzard’s early game “Rock N ‘Roll Racing,” which was released in 1993. The toy can then be used by all of your characters, as it simply ends up in the toy collection.

Until when do you have time? The gifts can only be opened from December 25th. But then you have time until the end of the event, i.e. January 1st, 2022. If you don’t bag the gift, that doesn’t matter. As a rule, you can still pick up the Christmas gifts in the following years or earn them in another way. So if you have just taken a WoW break, you will only miss something for a short time.

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