Warframe wants to give you more of what you love in 2022

The New War is the newest expansion to Warframe. After the release on December 15th, the community quickly won over it. Now the Warframe developers promise that 2022 will have more of it up their sleeves. When the players took a closer look at the latest Warframe expansion The New War, they got the impression: It sounds like a kind of Warframe 2.0 is coming after “The New War”. The latest announcements from Warframe developer Digital Extremes seem to confirm this impression.

What do the developers say? Director Steven Sinclair addressed a message to the community in an entry on the official Warframe forum. The reason for this was not just a thank you to the fans at the end of the year, but also a brief summary of the reactions to the latest expansion. In this post, Steve Sinclair also gave a preview of the year 2022 for Warframe.

We made it. Thanks for making The New War our biggest story update ever. I am so happy for your reactions and thankful for your patience and enthusiasm. If you’ve played the expansion, you know that there were a lot of crazy things on the line-up. I’ve seen a lot of “I wish this gameplay would last” and we share that view, so there will be a few more experiments that will add variety to the game in ways that aren’t just quest-driven .

We’ve dedicated our Update 31: The New War to the Quest alone, as it’s so extensive, and we’re dedicating 2022 to what’s next: a year of only doing the right things for Warframe.

The statement is not a concrete roadmap for future plans, but a clear indication

What can Warframe players expect in 2022? This statement from the developer is pretty vague on its own. However, players who have played through The New War should have a clear idea of ​​what is meant. Although this is not a roadmap in the classic sense, it is a clear indication of what could come.

We will avoid spoilers here, but the marketing of The New War has already introduced some special storytelling methods and gameplay possibilities of the expansion. Among other things, there were new playable perspectives and action-free classroom scenes.

In 2022, Digital Extremes seems to want to go further in this direction. Given the very positive response to the latest expansion, this statement should please Warframe fans.

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