Warframe launches new expansion with content fans are excited about

In a live stream, Digital Extremes revealed more information about how Warframe 2022 will continue. A new expansion was also revealed. It’s called Angels of the Zariman.

What is this extension? According to the developers, Angels of the Zariman should follow on from the last expansion “The New War”. This was able to convince the players and, according to Digital Extremes, is Warframe‘s biggest story update.

  • It featured a story chapter that could only be played solo.
  • You controlled your Tenno, but also other characters.
  • Several storylines have been completed.
  • Among other things, there was a new Warframe Caliban

In a previous look at 2022, we suspect that some kind of Warframe 2.0 could appear. But until then, the developers already have the next content in their luggage with Angels of the Zariman. We’ll tell you everything we know so far.

Warframe Expansion Brings New Content – Ties in to The New War, delighting players with it

This is what we know about the expansion: According to the developers, the type of content should tie in with The New War. Exactly how is not revealed. A few things have already been confirmed:

  • At least two new game modes.
  • A new quest.
  • A new Warframe.
  • Some quality-of-life improvements.

There are no concrete details on this yet.

When is the expansion coming? We don’t know any exact dates for the release of the next expansion either. At least we know which patch Angels of the Zariman should come with. The expansion will be part of Update 31.5.

When will there be new information? There will be another dev stream in February, where the content will be presented. How the players react: One aspect in particular is positively received by the fans. The developers’ statement that they want to continue with The New War is well received.

In a reddit post, players are already discussing the possible content and what they would like. Especially operator-specific events are a frequent request from the community. But not everyone agrees on whether a new Warframe is needed or not. For some players, however, the number of game modes is now too large. So there are also players who are not enthusiastic about new content in every respect. So you also read occasionally that the developers should first fix the existing Warframes before adding new ones.

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