Warframe: free update with a big solo story is here

The Free2Play MMO Warframe has released a new, free update called The New War. What kind of DLC is that? The New War was released December 15th, and aims to complete Warframe’s most important storylines to date. The New War is the first major story expansion in almost 4 years.

The New War brings a new story chapter and a new Warframe

What’s in the new Warframe DLC? In The New War you will find a new story chapter. Unlike previous updates, however, the new story content can only be played solo. You will control your Tenno as well as other characters from the story.

The developers put a lot of emphasis on the story in this DLC and present it from the point of view of several characters. It represents a conclusion to many of the previous storylines and should leave “scars in the world of Warframe”, as community manager Rebecca Ford puts it .

The new approach already excited thousands of fans in advance when the first trailer was unveiled. How much playing time does the story offer? The New War itself is supposed to last about 5 hours. New players will have to play for around 30 hours to get to the New War. Because first you have to complete all the chapters of the main plot. In addition to the free story chapter, a new Warframe comes into play with Caliban.

What kind of Warframe is that? It is a Sentient Warframe, a mixture of Sentient and Tenno, with special abilities. The Caliban collection contains the following items:

  • Caliban Warframe
  • Venato Sense, created from the limb of a fallen eidolon
  • Neurovyre Syandana
  • Sporavyre Sugatra

You get the Warframe as part of one of the Supporter Packs that are available for purchase. Depending on the package, you will receive a few other bonuses in addition to the Warframe:
There are three packs in total:

  • The New War Invasion Pack
  • The New War Resistance Pack
  • The New War Reckoning Pack

When is the expansion coming? “The New War” has already appeared on Steam, Epic Games, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S | X and Nintendo Switch.

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