Undecember to be launched in the West

Undecember prepares its launch in the West

Undecember is developed by the South Korean studio Needs Games (founded by Korean online game industry veterans with experience on Lost Ark and Lineage 2: Revolution). The game is presented as a hack’n’slash MMORPG, a multiplayer online action role-playing game based on hack’n’slash gameplay. The game does not have any class restrictions, but a system of skills and equipment that can be combined to customize your hero.

Undecember is initially expected in South Korea in the fourth quarter of 2021 on PC (including Steam and the publisher’s LINE Games FLOOR platform), as well as on Android and iOS mobile platforms. The release was finally set for January 13, 2022 in Korea and later in the year in the West.

The game is undergoing a beta test from October 13 to 19, 2021 in South Korea to gather player feedback. Following the tests, the developer is making optimizations to the PC version of the game.

The game features single and multiplayer game modes, dungeons to explore and cooperative boss raids, as well as competitive game modes (PvP duels and large-scale guild wars).

After being launched yesterday, Undecember is already preparing its release in the West. The English translation of the game is obviously already ready and integrated into the game client.
As we mentioned, Undecember has just been launched in South Korea and the hack’n’slash servers have been taken by storm – to the point of compromising their stability, at least for a while. If the game is now available in Korea, we know that it is also expected in a western version and by way of a press release, the publisher LINE Games indicates that it is working on the preparations for the localization.

The publisher states that Undecember will be launched in the western version during the first half of 2022 and already, the game has a Steam page where it is possible to “pre-register” (add the game to one’s wish list). Note also that the Steam page indicates a release for the first quarter of 2022, while the press release from LINE Games mentions a release in the first half of the year. We’re waiting for more details from the publisher.

In the meantime, the most impatient players have already started to deconstruct the game’s code and have found the basis for the English translation of Undecember. On Discord, the most adventurous are already sharing the manipulation that allows to activate this (semi-official) English translation in the South Korean version of the title (which nevertheless implies the downloading of files presented as coming from the official version of the game, but whose content is difficult to verify – a download at one’s own risk, therefore).

Anyway, the localized version of Undecember is obviously finished and almost ready. The western version of the game could be launched sooner than we think.

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