Titan Quest: Eternal Embers is already available

Publisher THQ Nordic has released a new expansion for Titan Quest with Eternal Embers. The fourth DLC takes the hero of the action role-playing game to the east, where a new demonic threat is brewing. With new weapons and equipment, new potions and a lot more, the player is offered a lot.

Titan Quest is now almost twelve years old. After its revival by THQ Nordic, the action role-playing game is enjoying increased popularity again and the publisher is apparently not ready to stop supporting the game.

A few days ago, a fourth expansion entitled “Eternal Embers” for the PC version of the game came as a complete surprise. The DLC takes the hero to the east at the behest of the legendary Emperor Yao. There a new demonic threat builds up, which the hero is supposed to face. You experience the story in a new quest series, which is divided into four acts. In addition, 15 side quests await you, which are only available in legendary difficulty.

Once again, the hero travels through beautifully designed landscapes in the Orient, in the labyrinthine realm of the Dragon King and in Egypt. You will also end up in heaven itself. With the Neidan Master, an eleventh championship will be introduced in Titan Quest. In this one embodies an alchemist who attacks his enemies with deadly potions, among other things.

More than 30 new enemy types and bosses will face you during the adventure. Including beasts from Far Eastern legends and even real deities.

As it should be, there is of course plenty of new loot to be won again. Masterfully made oriental armor and weapons as well as new relics and enchantments are part of the offer. There will also be seven new potions that will affect your character’s stats.

Since their cooldown time is independent of scrolls as well as healing and mana potions, new tactical possibilities arise for the player. Eternal Embers is available for around 23$. It is not known whether and when the expansion will also be implemented for the console version of Titan Quest.

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