The Wagadu Chronicles: new MMORPG starts its alpha in February

The Wagadu Chronicles (PC) is a new MMORPG being developed by an indie studio based in Berlin. It is supported by LoL developer Riot Games and has a very special setting. The first alpha is scheduled to start in February.

What kind of game is this? The Wagadu Chronicles is an MMO with a strong emphasis on role-playing. There are hundreds of pages with lore and you should also be able to use the setting in Pen&Paper Dungeons and Dragons 5e. These special features of the game show how strongly the role-playing game is in the foreground:

  • The focus is not on grind or increasing stats, but on story
  • When creating your character, you choose different lineages with their own history
  • There should be a dialogue mode in groups that works with several players and is supposed to be reminiscent of conversations with NPCs
  • In order not to endanger the role-playing game, there are extra “off-world lobbies” in which players can exchange ideas and ask questions

The setting of the game is also special. The developers themselves refer to it as an Afrofantasy MMORPG. You don’t have classes, you use skill presets. There should be dozens of skills, but not all of them are designed for fighting, but partly also for exploring or side activities. Temporary skills are also planned, which you can find while exploring and which will then help you in a special situation. As with most sandbox MMORPGs, the economy should be in the hands of the players. All player equipment should be able to be edited with an editor if you have the right skill. This is to prevent all armor from looking the same.

Alpha of the MMORPG starts in February, powered by Riot Games

What’s new? As the developers have now announced on Twitter, the first alpha for The Wagadu Chronicles will start in the second half of February. But in order to get access to the alpha, you had to donate at least 140 euros via Kickstarter in advance. It is currently no longer possible to purchase such a package. Unlike many other MMORPGs, there is also no function to register on the website and thus be randomly invited to an alpha or beta.

How is the MMORPG financed? The Wagadu Chronicles started with a Kickstarter campaign, which raised 163,910 euros. Additionally, they are supported by LoL developer Riot Games. The company invests in various start-ups and wants to strengthen underrepresented founders in particular. This also includes Twin Drums, the studio from Berlin. Which model the MMORPG itself is pursuing, i.e. Free2Play, Buy2Play or subscription, has not yet been revealed.

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