The newest class in Lost Ark is the artist

The Lost Ark developers announced a lot of content and changes for 2022. There are new raids and areas, balance adjustments and, above all, the completely new Painter class. The updates are only available for Korea for the time being.

This is the artist: The painter (or artist) is a class that comes with a completely new basic class called “Specialist”. She is purely female and uses a large paintbrush as a weapon. It is said to be a support class that uses black and white paintbrush in combat to harm their opponents and strengthen their allies. For example, the artist can use her brush to draw various creatures such as birds or fish and send them into attack.

With white paintbrush, she can draw areas on the floor that give her group buff auras and also some kind of protective shields. The artist will be playable in the Korean version of Lost Ark on January 12th.

The class was previously found in the code of the Korean version of Lost Ark and was called “Weather Artist” there. The first look at it and information about the gameplay are only now available. These classes have also been announced: In addition to the artist, the specialist will also receive a second advanced class. She doesn’t have an official name yet, but her skills should revolve around the weather. She will influence the weather, change it and use it against her enemies.

In addition, the already existing class Berserker gets a female version. This is the next step in easing the gender lock that has prevailed in Lost Ark. So far the Striker and the Gunslinger have been published in this context.

Lots of content for 2022. But (for now) only in Korea

That was also announced: In the developer stream, a lot of content was also announced for the year 2022, which will serve both PvE and PvP fans in detail:

  • Balance adjustments: The weaker jobs in particular should receive buffs.
  • General improvements to the user interface and feel (“Quality of Life”).
  • The developers will introduce new gold sinks to help fight inflation.
  • With Rowen comes a continent where open world PvP will take place. The developers specifically noted that they will take action against ganking and PK.
  • Further PvP updates introducing two warring factions and “guild-vs-guild” systems with siege battles.
  • Lots of story content on the new continents Elgacia and Voldaik, although the latter could also appear in 2023. In addition, the background story of the character Aman will be expanded in a separate quest series.
  • New raids with the Legion Commander Akkan followed by Carmen, as well as a new Guardian raid, in which the players will probably fight against a huge golden frog.
  • New islands on the sea.
  • A battle royale mode with predefined classes that players will be able to choose from, as well as a MOBA-style PvP mode. However, you will be able to play your own class in it again.
  • Loads of Mario Party-style mini-games, just with a lot more blood.
  • Further options and adjustments for personal housing on the player island and the wedding feature for the players.

All in all, Korean gamers can expect a lot of content in 2022, which will be released bit by bit. The start is given by the artist, who will go online in January.

When does all the content come to us? How long the western players will have to wait for all the fun upstairs is currently difficult to say. Lost Ark has to be released in the first place and some can hardly wait for the release date on February 12th. The content mix that the western version of the MMORPG has received so far, however, differed from that of other regions. While Russia and Japan received their content in roughly the same order as it appeared in Korea, it was mixed through in Europe.

For example, European players will receive the three latest classes Striker, Gunslinger and Sorceress, which were only released in Korea in 2021, immediately upon release.

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