Texas chainsaw massacre

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre announced from Friday the 13th Publisher/Developer

During The Game Awards 2021 ceremony, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was presented to the public — an asymmetric horror based on the 1974 film. The Nottingham division of Sumo Digital is responsible for the development, and Gun Media, which released Friday the 13th: The Game, is liable for the publishing.


Unfortunately, we are still unable to tell anything particular about the game. Details are pretty minimal: the authors only assure that they emphasise compliance with the source — according to Sumo, they recreated the characters, the Texas entourage and the distinct sound design of the original film.

The only thing we know for sure is that Gun Media aided in publishing and developing the forenamed Friday the 13th game. And given Gun’s work on that game, it has a fair chance of being an enjoyable asymmetrical horror game that pits Leatherface against a band of survivors.

However, you can see a trend: Friday the 13th: The Game, released in 2017, upcoming and long-awaited Evil Dead, inspired by and based on the original film. Then we wait for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre; consequently, games based on iconic horror films are coming back!

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre has neither a list of platforms nor a release date yet.

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