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Swords of Legends Online introduces a new Crystal Warrior class

The Firestone Legacy expansion for Swords of Legends Online unlocks new playable classes including warriors: Crystal Warriors (male) and Spiritual Warriors (female), with offensive and defensive abilities.

The Firestone Legacy expansion for Swords of Legends Online (expected to be released in the West on February 24) will unlock two new playable classes, the Fox Mage and the Crystal Warrior.
Both classes are the result of the union of the Firestone and Spiritual Fox clans, and the Crystal Warriors stand out for their unusual abilities – male characters become Crystal Warriors who can greatly strengthen their bodies, while female characters are Spiritual Warriors who channel their spiritual power into their swordsmanship.

History of the Crystal Warriors

The history of the Crystal Warriors goes back thousands of years, when the ancestors of the Firestone clan settled on the slopes of Changhe Mountain. The clan quickly learned to harness the spiritual power of the mountain and the carved runes, until they unlocked the secrets of longevity and became nearly immortal. Over the centuries, the members of the Firestone clan gradually dispersed, taking the engraved stones of the mountain with them to pass on their teachings to the next generations.

Through these journeys, the Firestone clan was led to unite with the spirit foxes to found the Flower Palace. By combining the teachings of the Firestone clan and the spirit foxes, their children inherited the strengths of both clans and were trained to protect the Flower Palace. This is how they became the powerful warriors we know today.

The Crystal Warrior and Spirit Warrior Classes

The Crystal Warrior class takes on the role of a melee fighter (DPS or tank) wielding a crystal sword.
Crystal Warriors have been taught by the Firestone clan and worship the deity of stone. Through special techniques, they can strengthen their bones, merge with the essence of the crystals in their body and combine them with their soul. In battle, they harness this crystal power through combinations of physical and magical movements.

Swords of Legends Online crystal warriorOffensively, their mastery of Dragon Power allows them to incorporate the power of the spirit stone into their sword, and the higher their spirit power, the more agile the Crystal Warrior’s sword attacks. Defensively, Crystal Warriors master the Stone Skin technique to greatly increase their defense and reduce the damage they take. With this mastery, they can also summon fire runes from the earth to cast defensive spells from a distance, or strengthen their sword to deflect attacks.

In the MMORPG, Spiritual Warriors are also melee fighters (DPS and tank), but they use spiritual swords.

Spiritual Warriors are taught from an early age to channel the spiritual power of the stones to develop their spiritual (rather than physical) strength. By projecting their spiritual power into their blade, they are able to greatly increase their offensive power, and even that of their allies. Spirit Blade Mastery focuses primarily on the channeling of qi to master powerful spells focused on a single target or area of effect. On a more defensive level, Bodyguard mastery gives spiritual warriors the strength of the mountains to reinforce themselves and their allies (defensive buff).

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