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Swords of Legends Online introduces its new Fox Mage class

The Firestone Legacy expansion for Swords of Legends Online unlocks the new Fox Mage class, a half-human, half-fox hybrid class with offensive and support abilities.

On February 24, Swords of Legends Online will be upgraded to version 2.0 with the release of its first expansion, The Firestone Legacy. Among other new features, the update adds a new playable class, the Fox Mage – who begins her journey in the new Snowflower Paradise zone.

The Fox Mage Story

fox-mage-class-for-swords-of-legends-onlineIn Swords of Legends Online, the history of the Fox Mage goes back half a millennium. The spirit of a purple fox from the Kingdom of Qingqiu is said to have devoured mystical flowers planted by the goddess Nüluo. The spirit of a fox would have developed a symbiosis with the surrounding flora and the goddess would have offered him a mantra allowing him to develop his faculties of understanding of nature. Thanks to the mantra, the fox learned spells and was able to develop its full potential.

Over the centuries, spells were passed down from generation to generation among fox spirits, whose appearance gradually became more human. Until Jiangze was born, with even more powerful abilities than her ancestors, and set out to find the flower that had given her lineage its talents. After long stays in the mountains, she found the flower, devoured it again and received a divine blessing.

When the great war against demons broke out, Jiangze took refuge with the Firestone clan. She married their leader, the powerful Jiang Zhenyan, and they produced the first Fox Mages, half-human, half-fox, and endowed with the talents of their parent – according to legend, it is because of this dual origin that the Fox Mage retains her youthful appearance.

A DPS and support class

In the MMORPG, the Fox Mage is a versatile class that draws its strength from observation, understanding, and its connection to nature. The Fox Mage understands the growth and life force processes of plants to heal her allies, but also their death and decay to confront her enemies.

Depending on her specialization, the Fox Mage uses a Twin Branch that is sometimes impregnated with the blood of the goddess, and sometimes with poisons distilled from flowers that can drive her opponents mad or even kill them. It inflicts regular damage over time (DoT) and at a distance.
Versatile and useful within a group, the Fox Mage is much more formidable than her appearance might suggest.

For those who are curious, the Fox Mage will be playable from February 24th in Swords of Legends Online. For the occasion, additional character slots will be unlocked for all MMORPG players, allowing them to test the new class without having to sacrifice old characters.

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