Survival hit Myth of Empires returns

Suvival MMO Myth of Empires made headlines a few weeks ago when it was removed from the Steam store following accusations from the developers of ARK: Survival Evolved. Now it’s for sale again – just not on Steam.

What has happened there? After a successful start on Steam, the survival MMO Myth of Empires quickly disappeared from the shop. The reason is a complaint from ARK developer Wildcard Studios. In a statement, it was said that Angela Game, developer behind Myth of Empires, had illegally used the source code of ARK: Survival Evolved as the basis for her survival MMO.

The studio and its publisher launched an investigation, the results of which were presented to Valve in December 2021. Soon after, the decision was made to withdraw the survival MMO from sale via Steam. Until the situation is resolved, Myth of Empires will remain removed from the store. Apparently, the makers of the MMO didn’t want to wait for that and found a way to bring it back.

Myth of Empires bypasses Steam ban with its own launcher

This is how the MMO is now available again: Anyone who had not bought the game before it was removed from the Steam store has not been able to buy it since the beginning of December. Angela Game has now circumvented this with a trick. Because Myth of Empires is now simply available via its own launcher. Since January 17th you can buy the game again this way.

Are there differences to the Steam version? No. The new version does not differ in content or price from the Steam version. Only the name is different. The new version is called “Myth of Empires – International Vanguard Edition” and, like the Steam version, will receive all updates in the future. However, you have to create your own account for the launcher in order to log in to the servers. This is probably the reaction to the failed attempt to bring the game back to the Steam shop in early January. Developer Angela Game wanted to obtain an injunction to lift the ban.

However, this was rejected by the Californian court because of “considerable circumstantial evidence”.

What do the ARK makers demand? They want damages and the profits made from selling Myth of Empires. In addition, the supposed code thieves should destroy all devices with unauthorized code.

How’s the survival MMO going? Despite the incident with the ARK creators, Myth of Empires remains popular. On average, around 18,000 players were active at the same time in the last 30 days.

What exactly is Myth of Empires anyway? It’s an open-world game for PC that’s very reminiscent of games like ARK or Conan Exiles. The combat system, on the other hand, is more reminiscent of hardcore games like Mordhau and Mount & Blade. You create your own character and explore the game world, which is very reminiscent of ancient China. According to the developers, the setting should be “realistic and historical” without many fantasy elements.

Features include PvE and PvP modes, sieges, building settlements and forts, as well as crafting and NPC companions. As in many survival games, you start with your character in any area and get straight to the first tasks. The first activities will introduce you to the mechanics and the different systems, until you gradually face more and more challenging tasks.

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