Fallout 76 season7

Season 7 starts in Fallout 76

Bethesda has announced the launch of Season 7 ‘Zorbo’s Revenge‘ in Fallout 76, which will last until March 2022. During the season, players got access to a new battle pass with rewards: cosmetic items, allies and consumables.

Season 7 starts with the new update, Night of the Moth, and it brings the Mothman Equinox Seasonal Event, a wide variety of quality-of-life and Public Event improvements, and much more to the game.

Update Highlights

  • Mothman Equinox: Until December 21, visit Point Pleasant in the Forest Region every hour to aid The Enlightened in summoning the Wise Mothman to Appalachia and earn new themed rewards!
  • Season 7 Begins: Dr Zorbo will have his revenge against Captain Cosmos—and you’re going to help! Rank up and claim stellar new rewards on the Season 7 Scoreboard, all while travelling the stars to aid Zorbo in assembling a devious crew.
  • Quality-of-Life Improvements: added Legendary Loot Sharing, Nearby Corpse Looting, a Pip-Boy Keyring, and many more community-requested improvements to the game.
  • Public Event Updates: some improvements were made to help streamline the Public Event system and implemented balance changes for various Public Events.
  • Pirate Radio: A rogue broadcast is invading Appalachia’s airwaves. Tune your Pip-Boy to Pirate Radio to tap your toes to new tunes, catch radio dramas and commercials.

‘Zorbo’s Revenge’ will introduce Xerxo and Katherine, two new allies unlockable during the journey. They won’t send you on quests, but they will watch over your C.A.M.P. while you’re out adventuring, sell you any items they’ve scavenged, chat with you when you are home, and impart you with temporary buffs.

Moreover, Bethesda introduced Fallout 76 Community Calendar, including essential dates until March.

Fallout 76 Season 7 Community Calendar

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