Pantheon is great MMORPG hope for PvE fans

The indie MMORPG Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen has once again been voted the “most anticipated MMORPG” on mmorpg site and even outperformed Lost Ark. An alpha should finally start in 2022.

What kind of MMORPG is that?

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen was the big dream of developer Brad McQuaid, who made a name for himself with Everquest and Vanguard. But he passed away in 2019. Basically, Pantheon wants to be a “real MMORPG” again, in that you need a group for everything and have to fight your way through the dungeons and not just run through with a hysterical laugh. The MMORPG looks very “oldschool” and is clearly based on titles like Everquest – it is an MMORPG for MMORPG purists and lovers.

Pantheon wins “Most Awaiting MMOPRPG 2022” – beats Lost Ark

What prize did it win? The makers of the MMORPG are very happy because they have won the award for the “most anticipated game” on mmorpg site. They even outperformed “Lost Ark”. This is a bit of a surprising choice as the Lost Ark release for 2022 has been set. The release of Pantheon is still in the stars. Winning such a prize often means that an MMORPG has succeeded in getting its core community enthusiastic about the election and in particular motivating them to vote there.

Where is Pantheon now? In a blog post, the developer looks back on 2021: In January they reported an investment that made it possible to hire new employees. The team then worked hard on the MMORPG throughout the year: In April, June and July there were about “pre-alpha sessions”. Streams, further pre-alpha sessions and events are planned for 2022. As a major milestone in the development, a start in the Alpha is in prospect for 2022.

This is how it is discussed: in discussions about the Pantheon and winning the prize, there are actually 2 camps:

  • Some are very enthusiastic about Pantheon and say since they first heard about the MMORPG they have been waiting for it and for them it is without a doubt the “most anticipated MMORPG”.
  • Others blaspheme above all about the long development time and how little the game still has to show. If a game wins the prize for the most anticipated MMORPG “3 times in a row”, it is more of an insult. The game is arguably competing with Star Citizen for the “longest development” award.

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