Gran Saga

NFT will appear in MMORPG Gran Saga

The developers of the multi-platform MMORPG Gran Saga have announced their plans to create a metaverse and introduce NFT elements into the game.

A spokesperson for NPixel said, “The most representative key trends in the gaming industry are NFT and the metaverse, so we are at the stage of understanding trends and internal flows.”
NPixel has already started hiring staff to enter and create NFTs. Non-fungible tokens will be traded in high-quality animated images, rather than any items as in MIR4.

As for Metaverse, the creators have also applied for a trademark associated with it, and in the future, they will build an entire ecosystem based on the IP Gran Saga.

Gran Saga is an MMORPG released by NPixel this January in Korea. The plot revolves around the knights on the Esprogen continent. Players can move around the world, complete tasks, go through dungeons, and collect characters and various weapons. Since its launch, the game has managed to take 3rd place in the top sales of Google, 1st place in Apple, One Store, and Galaxy Store. That is why it is considered an excellent result for a new title.

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