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New World servers merger this month confirmed

New World, Amazon’s MMORPG, has received the official schedule of the game’s servers and worlds merger.


New World community manager posted to the game’s official forums and stated that there will be “two separate times listed for these merges”. The mergers are expected to proceed on December 20-21, depending upon your residence region.

The reason for New World’s servers will merge, as described in the game’s FAQ: “From fighting your opposition in wars and invasions to hanging out in the local tavern, we’ve found that a healthy realm provides more opportunities for players to enjoy the world of Aeternum. In general, when our data shows that the experience in the world has become suboptimal, the team will investigate why conditions changed and if a merge is needed. Part of our investigation includes work to find the most suitable counterpart for worlds destined to be merged, helping to ensure your time in Aeternum is fun and socially exciting.”

The aggregate rating of New World users recently sank from “mostly positive” to “mixed”. A quick peek at the review page reveals many reasons why the game is descending, but most of the reviewers seem to be unhappy with the change in the game’s grind economy, while others are still frustrated by the bugs in the MMO.

Amazon’s New World appears to have shrunk roughly half of its million player base since its launch a month ago. The data freely available on SteamCharts shows that the MMO has been losing about 135,000 players per week since its launch in late September. On October 3, he reached an impressive peak in the number of concurrent players – 913,027 people.

FYI, New World is hosting a crossover event with the Amazon Wheel of Time adaptation.


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