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MMORPG New World has lost more than 80% of players in 3 months

The number of concurrent players in Amazon’s MMORPG New World has dropped significantly in the 3 months since its release.

According to SteamCharts, the game currently has approximately 115,000 concurrent users per day, up from its peak of 913,027 at release. The difference is more than 80%, which is very significant. It is also worth noting that the decline in the user base continues and it is not yet clear when it will stop.

If at first everyone wanted to try the game and the decline was predictable, then the further decline is most likely justified by a large number of errors, bugs, and short-sightedness of the developers. Recent updates only slightly improve the gameplay, and sometimes completely destroy the economy. The New World’s creators have released a lengthy interview describing the upcoming changes, but they are still not visible on the horizon.

We remind you that the release of MMORPG New World took place almost three  months ago, and during this time it has been able to survive both ups and downs. Maximum players online count at the launch reached 913,000 people, but this result had to pay in long queues, and although numerous problems are fixed by patches, they still remain.

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