New World: fans fear the balance of the new system

New World has introduced a new feature: the Umbral Shards. This is a new item system with which the strongest players can upgrade their equipment from 600 to 625. There are already heated discussions about this on reddit. It is feared that the system could make the “most powerful 0.5%” even more powerful while the rest falls behind.

What kind of system is that?

The “Umbral Shards” are a new upgrade item that comes to New World with the new January patch. The system works in such a way that you can gradually increase the gear score of individual items with the splinters, from 600 to a cap of 625. For each new level of the item you need more shards than for the previous one, several thousand shards are required to upgrade an item up to 625, especially with the higher levels the costs increase enormously.

How to get the shards. There should be 3 ways to get these shards:

  • Via PvE, from dungeons with mutations, that’s the “New World +” content, so to speak
  • From the crafting, if you make an item with Gearscore 600, provided you also have 600 expertise with the item
  • When you open a plaster cast for an equipment slot that’s already at 600 competency

“Forced grind” that disadvantages 95% of the players

This is the criticism of the system: A frequent player criticizes the new system on reddit. He says that only use this to people who are already among the richest and strongest players in New World and who have 600 gear everywhere. That would be the “mighty” of a server who also own a territory from which they earn large amounts of money. Most of the items on a server do not yet have such good items and therefore would not benefit from the system.

“This system is absolutely to the disadvantage of 95% of the players who are probably already lagging behind and who do not have a territory and do not yet have the best possible equipment.” (A reddit user)

The system has been criticized as “another compulsory grind for the highest 0.5%” that will not help bring players back. The system is only made for the benefit of those who are already so much ahead of others – it would also devalue all items that are not at Gear level 600. Furthermore, the shards are also counter-intuitive, then you have to play PvE to get them – but the items would then bring the big advantages in PvP. There should at least be a way to earn it in PvP as well.

Are there any other opinions: Yes, one user says: The complaint is just the typical whining of reddit users who just hang behind – as usual. Others say: For now, that’s the concept for the test server, maybe something will be changed.

That’s behind it: It’s actually an exciting question of design philosophy. In many established MMORPGs, it is customary to generously allow lagging players to catch up by toning down content that brings good gear or other “catch-up mechanisms” before adding new ones to those who are ahead there.

In New World, the new maximum level of equipment and other improvements come very quickly. Apparently, New World is reacting to the complaint of frequent gamers – like Twitch streamer shroud – there is nothing more to be done and quickly brings improvements by changing existing content. However, that cannot be a comprehensive solution in such a short time – that would be completely new content, but is only an emergency aid that also triggers discussions.

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