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New World and Wheel of Time crossover event this month

New World is putting on a crossover event with Amazon’s Wheel of Time adaptation. The event will mark the finale of the Wheel of Time series.


The crossover event will be going live in New World on December 24. However, the event duration coincides with the first-time-ever Christmas festival event in Amazon MMO and will last through a couple of weeks until January 11, 2022.

Moreover, the start of the crossover event also overlaps the season finale of the Wheel of Time. Thus, as the official New World website suggests, anyone who watches New World streams via Twitch will receive exclusive in-game rewards to commemorate the pivotal episode.

New World x Wheel of Time

In fact, this isn’t the only limited-time event New World will be hosting over the Winter break. A couple of days ago, on December 16, the Winter Convergence event debuted in the game and will be running through January 11, 2022, the same days that the Wheel of Time event wraps up. There’s a tonne more to delve into in the Winter Convergence event, though, including new quests, activities, cosmetic rewards, and much more.

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