New VR MMORPG Zenith on Steam got a great interest

The new VR MMORPG Zenith: The Last City (PC, PS-VR) started on January 27th in Early Access on Steam. So many players stormed the MMORPG that the servers quickly crashed. But fan opinions are mixed.

What game is Zenith? First and foremost, Zenith: The Last City is an MMORPG, like many others. However, it relies entirely on virtual reality and cannot be played without such a headset. The game takes place in a futuristic world that has a little problem with monsters. So this is where classic high-fantasy meets sci-fi, resulting in an interesting design concept. In some places, the game therefore looks a bit like Overwatch in terms of style, even if the intensity of the colors is different. Zenith entered Early Access on January 27th and has been playable for €22.49 ever since. However, with many of the features still to come, it’s currently an experience with not a lot of gameplay content. Nevertheless, you can expect an open world, fights, 5 different classes and many social aspects of an MMORPG, completely in VR.

How many players can it excite? Just recently, major MMORPG streamer Asmongold commented that VR games are the future of the genre. Shortly thereafter, Zenith launches and attracts quite a few people. According to the website SteamDB, 4,629 people played the brand new MMORPG right at launch and over 18,000 watched on Twitch. For a VR game, these are good numbers that might have gone up even further. But the developers apparently didn’t expect so many fans, which is why the servers collapsed shortly afterwards. This meant that a login to the EU servers was not possible.

When should the game be finished? According to the developers’ roadmap, Zenith will be in Early Access for about a year before fully launching. Many bugs should be fixed before the final release and at least one more class should be integrated into the game. The developers also want to submit crafting, player housing, dungeons and PvP.

“The thing is just not ready yet”

Opinions on the game are divided: Zenith: The Last City has an active fan base that has funded the game over the past few years. The MMORPG does not come from a big publisher, but from an indie studio via Kickstarter. Those fans who have been following the game for a long time seem happy with what they can now play. Communication from the studio has been good for the most part and the developers have kept sharing progress. As a result, the reviews on Steam are currently “Very Positive”. 87% of the 476 ratings think the VR MMORPG is good and like it in its current Early Access status.

But there are many voices on reddit and YouTube that consider the game too unfinished even for an Early Access title. Many systems don’t seem to work properly yet and crashes and bugs seem to dampen the fun of the game. Many fans are therefore accusing Zenith of starting too early and needing some time to even reach a really playable state.

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