New survival MMORPG Draconia launched on Steam

Draconia, a new MMORPG started in Early Access on Steam on January 13th. The special thing about this game is that you control a dragon and use it to complete quests and collect and craft items. It also mixes some survival elements into the gameplay.

What kind of game is this? Draconia is a buy2play MMO and revolves around giant dragons. You can control them and even customize them to your liking in a character editor. There are different types of dragons, such as the European Vodros, the Wyvern or the eastern dragon Yamati. Once the dragon is created, you explore a game world and experience adventures in a mix of MMORPG and survival:

  • You move with WASD and fly through the world
  • At a board you can accept various quests
  • You must regularly seek food and water to survive. You can find them using your sense of smell
  • There is a collection and crafting system. Among other things, you can create a hoard where you can store your loot
  • You can interact with objects in the open world and learn more about the story of the game
  • There is a dynamic weather system and the night is so dark that you have to activate a special night vision
  • At the start you can choose from different servers. PvE reigns supreme on the official servers with an optional PvP system. However, players can also host their own servers and activate PvE or open PvP there

The game is currently in Early Access and primarily has the features mentioned above. However, further content is planned, including building your own nest and raising children, a clan system and talent points, which do not currently exist.

Who is behind the game? Draconia is being developed by an indie studio that claims to have made the plan to implement Draconia in 2016 and has been actively programming the game since 2019. It is developed in the Unreal Engine 4.

The developers themselves refer to Draconia as a MORPG because only 60 players can be online at the same time on the official servers. On your own player servers, however, it should be possible to adjust this number up and down.

Despite Buy2Play and Early Access, Draconia attracts over 200 simultaneous players

How is the game doing on Steam? If you want to play Draconia in Early Access, you have to pay 29.99 euros in advance. The game is Buy2Play and should remain so after the release. Since the start on January 13th, an average of 119 players have been online and on January 15th there were even 203 at the same time in the peak. That’s not bad for an indie MMORPG of this kind.

Draconia also got 80 reviews on Steam, 70% of which were positive:

  • Above all, the choice of dragons, flying and the crafting system are praised.
  • On the other hand, there is criticism for a lot of missing content, the rather weak graphics and performance and the fact that there is hardly anything to do at the moment.

Draconia is currently only supposed to offer a few quests, a bit of crafting and free exploration of the world, in which there are hardly any NPCs at all. To this end, the developers should work very intensively with the community and discuss new features with them.

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