New Survival MMO Nightingale in a unique setting is coming

Quite surprisingly, former BioWare developers have announced a new survival MMO: Nightingale. Nightingale is a new survival MMO from Improbable and Inflexion Games. The developers are mostly former employees of BioWare, the studio behind hits like Dragon Age and Mass Effect.

However, Nightingale is said to have very little from BioWare. The game is something “completely new”, with RPG elements such as characters, crafting and item stats being planned. The special thing about the game is the setting. Nightingale is set in a 19th-century, magical, Victorian world. It mixes elements of fantasy, history and steampunk. Technically, the setting is called “Gaslight” or “Gaslamp Fantasy”.

In Nightingale you play a so-called realmwalker yourself, a magician who can wander between the worlds. Your task is to look for a new homeland for mankind, as the old one is threatened by a catastrophe. You’ll also find a new world, but it’s full of fairies that don’t exactly welcome you. The CEO of Inflexion Games, Aaryn Flynn, talked about the special features of the game.

Nightingale‘s focus is on player cooperation, crafting, and battling the world. You should build a new home for humanity together, create your own home or even cities. Some of the deeper details on co-op are still missing, but Aaryn Flynn already told about multiplayer. It’s important to note that players can play Nightingale alone or in co-op. But with multiplayer, we want players to feel connected and the world to feel like there’s more to it than just your own journey.

We also want the world to feel seamlessly connected, rather than just having to invite friends to a specific server. Players can find other realmwalkers who have strayed into their worlds. And there will be ways in which they can interact and work together to further advance their own journey. World travel is an important aspect. Flynn tells that through certain portals you can travel to a “nearly infinite number of fairy worlds full of discovery, challenges and possibilities”. This also allows the developers to keep surprising the players. A single map could expand to many worlds, further expanding gameplay and storytelling. But there will be more to hear about this in the future.

Flynn said in a previous interview that fleshed out characters are necessary for a living world. Nightingale also builds on pulling players into the world – but not only through dialogue and relationships with NPCs. Players need to feel a connection to the people and places around them. By creating an environment that feels authentic, you can have those deep and meaningful moments of interaction – be it through meeting an NPC, through combat, or interacting with other players.

Especially the interaction between the players will be a focus of Nightingale. Flynn emphasizes that you must work together to build cities and defend against invasions. The gameplay systems should all take this cooperation into account. They don’t want to compare Nightingale with other games, they say, but they love survival games, online games and games that promote teamwork. So it sounds like Nightingale is a real survival MMO with a focus on PvE.

Early Access is coming in 2022

So far there is no release, but we already know that there will be an early access in advance. The developers want to test and improve here together with the community before Nightingale appears. The boss confirmed that Early Access will start in 2022. Flynn has not yet been able to tell how long Early Access will last. So far only the PC is targeted as a platform, that’s what you want to focus on. However, there will also be controller support.

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