New MMORPG Tower of Fantasy looks like Genshin Impact

Tower of Fantasy is a new MMORPG that launched in China at the end of 2021. Visually, it is strongly reminiscent of Genshin Impact and will also be released for PC and mobile. Unlike Genshin, however, it relies on many MMORPG elements. The global release has now been officially announced.

What kind of game is this? Tower on Fantasy is an anime MMORPG developed on Unreal Engine 4. It relies on a large, open world that you can explore with your character. Visually, it is reminiscent of a mixture of Genshin Impact and the highly anticipated MMORPG Blue Protocol.

  • You can create your own character, although there are no fixed classes
  • You can climb, swim and destroy all kinds of objects, for example by throwing them into the fire
  • You can face greater challenges in dungeons
  • In the game you will constantly be provided with new quests
  • The NPCs should get interesting personalities
  • Typical MMORPG content such as guilds, an auction house or PvP await you

The story takes you to the distant future on the planet Ada. Humans colonized the world and, with the help of a comet, built a magic tower to tap into the planet’s primordial energy. But a catastrophe occurred that almost destroyed all of civilization. Dark powers now want to control this energy, but rebels want to prevent this, destroy the tower and thus release the energy for everyone.

Global release in English is planned

What’s new? Tower of Fantasy hosted the first beta in China back in 2020 and celebrated a soft release there at the end of 2021. For a long time it was said that the MMORPG should not come to the West at all. But that has now changed. On February 11th, the developers announced via new social media accounts that a global release is planned. Even a Discord server has already been set up. A website and promotional videos will follow shortly.

The release is planned for the time being in English and Japanese. But more are to follow in the future. Publishing could be done by Perfect World Games, which are already mentioned on the official website in China. The company has already brought games like Perfect World and Jade Dynasty to the west.

When will the release take place exactly? A specific date has not yet been mentioned. There is also no statement on the payment model, although Tower of Fantasy is Free2Play in China.

Release in China was bumpy

How is Tower of Fantasy doing so far? In the Chinese version, players gave Tower of Fantasy only 3.6 out of 5 stars from 79,000 reviews (via TapTap).

Criticisms are:

  • The difficult start, which is said to have led to constant server failures
  • The high memory consumption and the high demands on smartphones
  • The rather weak hit feedback
  • There is a gacha system on weapons from 1 to 5 stars that doesn’t go over so well because the chances for high weapons are said to be very low

However, there is praise for:

  • The story and atmosphere of the game
  • Changing and dyeing pieces of equipment
  • Lots of endgame content
  • Regular updates and many bug fixes that have recently been deployed

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