New MMORPG Tales of Shadowland starts Alpha 2022

Tales of Shadowland is a new MMORPG being developed by a Brazilian indie studio. It will be Free2Play and should start Alpha as early as 2022.

What kind of MMORPG is that? Tales of Shadowland turns into a sandbox MMORPG in the ISO perspective. The game is characterized by many freedoms:

  • There is a game world divided into different areas with different biomes.
  • There are no classes or levels, but you train specific skills in order to improve your skills.
  • However, there will be different races from which you can create your character, including humans, elves, dwarves and orcs.
  • You should tame your own mounts and pets in the open world. In the accompanying trailer you can see how the player fights with 3 animal companions at his side. So it seems to be possible to have several pets at the same time.
  • The players should be able to control the economy and trade themselves.
  • There should be an integration of blockchain and NFTs.

Visually and in terms of gameplay, it is somewhat reminiscent of Fractured, another sandbox MMORPG in development. However, so far there are no precise statements about playful content, for example whether the focus is on PvE or PvP. However, there should be 100 maps and 15 dungeons before the release. The developers promise a Free2Play model with no barriers. Pay2Win and chargeable DLCs or content are therefore excluded.

Alpha already in 2022, release for PC and later for mobile

When does Tales of Shadowland come out? According to the roadmap, Alpha 1 should start in the first quarter of 2022. This should include collecting, crafting, taming pets and mounts, NPC interactions, 10 maps and 2 dungeons. Alpha 2, in turn, is scheduled to begin in Q3 2022 and the beta is scheduled for early 2023.

How do you get into the Alpha? By inviting friends. You can register for the game on the official website and you will then receive a link that you can send to other people.

Register at least 10 people via the link and you will get access to the beta. If 20 people register, there is access to the Alpha. Anyone who invites 50 people receives automatic access to the Alpha for themselves and the 50 people in their “guild”.

There are currently no packages that you can use to buy into Alpha. However, a crowdfunding campaign is to start in the first quarter, in which one can possibly acquire such access.

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