New MMORPG Legend of Ymir with Unreal Engine 5 is coming

The new MMORPG Legend of Ymir is coming to PC and mobile. It is developed with the Unreal Engine 5 and brings realistic graphics. In the trailer, the MMORPG shows how “real” such a game can look.

What kind of game is this? The Korean developer WeMade is currently working on a new MMORPG that will be released for PC and mobile devices. Legend of Ymir is being developed with the new Unreal Engine 5. In a new tech demo, the team shows what powerful graphics the engine can create. Remember that a tech demo shows the maximum that is technically possible. Typically, much of it will be scaled down in the finished game.

In-game scenes from Legend of Ymir in the trailer

This is what the developers show: In the video, the developers of the MMORPG talk about the means by which they create the photorealistic quality and how facial features and the expression of the eyes are particularly emphasized by using the Unreal Engine 5. In-game footage is shown in the video from 4 minutes and 17 seconds. A character shows up as a model. The white dress is shown in great detail with patterns. There are gold, detailed brooches on the straps and the cloak. The face looks proud and surprised.

Legend of Ymir – release, platform, developer

What do we know about the game? There should be huge PvP battles in Legend of Ymir. The game should be a “next gen” -MMORPG and rely on siege fighting.

When is the release? It is still unclear. In the video, the team speaks of the “near future”.

Which platforms does it come on? The plan is to release Legend of Ymir to PC and mobile at the same time. What do we know about the developers? The development team WeMade is known for the MMORPG MIR4, which already cracked the milestone of over 1 million simultaneous players in October. Legend of Ymir is seen by many as a Nordic version of MIR4, with deities like Thor, Loki and Odin.

A peculiarity of MIR4 is that players can mine an ore in the MMORPG, which can then be converted into crypto currency that can be sold for real money. So some players shouldn’t “play” at all, but should be on the go to work in the MMORPG. WeMade’s blockchain technology will also be used at Legend of Ymir.

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