New MMORPG Chimeraland started yesterday

Chimeraland is a new MMORPG for PC, Android and iOS. In it you explore mystical countries from ancient Chinese stories. A special feature of the game is the character editor, in which you can play not only classic people, but also animals. The game was released on January 6th, even if it is currently only playable on the PC in Europe.

What kind of game is this? Chimeraland is a Free2Play MMORPG in which the crazy character editor in particular causes a stir. Because you can cross a person there with a wide variety of animal species, from which an octopus, a bird, a rhinoceros or a panda bear on two legs can emerge. You can also color the animals differently and adjust their proportions and appearance according to your wishes. However, there are also classic people in female, male and very childlike forms.

Apart from this editor, the game offers typical MMORPG fare:

  • There is a classless system so armor and weapons determine your play style
  • You follow a story that is told about the main quest
  • There is an open game world with 4 continents without loading screens, which is graphically reminiscent of Genshin Impact
  • There are collecting and crafting systems, through which you – like in New World – can also actively level
  • You can build your own house anywhere in the open world
  • You can sprint with Shift and jump with spacebar
  • There is PvE and PvP content, although it is not entirely clear what exactly is waiting for you in the endgame
  • There is a real money shop with cosmetic content, XP buff, boxes with materials and automatic completion of daily quests as well as a buyable battle pass

In addition, you should be able to tame a wide variety of animal species as pets or mounts in the game. There should even be a breeding function to create new creatures from your animals. This can also create gruesome monsters.
Chimeraland was released in Asia yesterday and can also be played on the PC

When does the game come out? The release of the new MMORPG took place on January 6th. However, there is a region lock for the game. For now, Chimeraland only appeared in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

You can therefore neither install it on your smartphone via the Google Play Store nor the App Store. But the download on the PC works fine in Europe as well as the creation of an account. You can start the download from the official Chimeraland website. The release of a global version is planned.

The gameplay, however, looks rather awkward in the first few minutes and there are lags because the servers are in Asia. You attack with the mouse button and use special skills on the Q and E keys, although it could be that more skills are unlocked with a later level.

The MMORPG is also available in English, which is why you can play it without any problems. The porting for the PC also looks good at first. The interface is tidy and understandable and the mobile origin is only discreetly noticeable.

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