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Myth of Empires developers file a retaliation lawsuit against the creators of Ark: Survival Evolved

The Chinese MMO sandbox strategy Myth of Empires has disappeared from Steam after it was revealed that the game’s source code had been stolen from the Ark: Survival Evolved survival. The removal request states that Angela Game was founded by at least one former Ark developer who had access to the game’s source code.

Following the title’s release, the developers of Ark: Survival Evolved became concerned about the similarities between the games, including identical gameplay mechanics that couldn’t just be a coincidence. During the preliminary analysis, hundreds of matches were found between codes: from class names to functions. This, according to the developers, confirms the theft of the code.

The findings were presented by Valve on December 1, which responded by deleting the game on December 3. Hosting services were also asked to stop supporting the game.

A few days ago, the studio Wildcard, which developed Ark: Survival Evolved, filed a lawsuit against the creators of Myth of Empires. The reason for the case was that the developers of the strategy allegedly stole the source code of the survival.

Angela Game did not wait for too long and filed a retaliatory lawsuit. The studio wants its game back on Steam, and Wildcard to bring its apologies as no theft has taken place. In this situation, Valve supported the Ark developers.

In turn, Angela Game reached out to Valve as well. The studio said that the company’s details are not entirely accurate and reliable. What will happen next is unknown.

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