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Towards a form of instantiation of the Mortal Online 2 continent

As they are unable to accommodate all Mortal Online 2 players in the game universe, the Star Vault studio will duplicate the continent of Myrland in order to better allocate players to its servers.


As noted, the launch of Mortal Online 2 has been rather chaotic: players are faced with long queues to access the game server, sometimes forcing them to wait several (dozens) of hours to connect, and even once in the game, the lag makes the MMORPG difficult to play. In concrete terms, the Star Vault studio claims to have sold more than 110,000 copies of its MMORPG, but the game only welcomes an average of 6,000 in-game players and the record for simultaneous connections on the game server has never exceeded 9,700 players.

And in a note published on Steam, the Swedish developer says that it is unable to reach its goal of hosting at least 10,000 players simultaneously and comfortably on the server. If the technical difficulties cannot be overcome within a reasonable time, Henrik Nystr√∂m (Star Vault’s boss) says he is forced to temporarily revise one of the main principles of Mortal Online 2: initially, the MMORPG was supposed to gather all players in the same world and on a single server. Since this was not possible, Star Vault will proceed with a form of instantiation of the continent of Myrland.

In concrete terms, copies of Myrland will be generated in the coming days to accommodate players who cannot connect to the original version of the continent. Initially, Star Vault wanted to use this process to expand the game universe and add new continents (including the desert continent of Sarducaa, already seen in the first Mortal Online).¬†Sarducaa is not yet ready to be deployed, so Star Vault will expand the game world with duplicate versions of Myrland, so that players will be spread across a larger world and more virtual servers (these copies will be similar to the original version of the continent, except that you won’t be able to build on them).

According to the studio, the process should allow for more players to be accommodated in the game world while new optimizations are deployed. When the time comes, these copies of Myrland will be replaced by the new continents of the Vale world. For lack of anything better, the developer obviously had no other choice, as Mortal Online 2’s rating collapses on Steam.

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