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Mortal Online 2 launches and rolls out its first patch

After several months of beta-testing, Mortal Online 2 is officially launched in commercial version (adopting a subscription model). The MMORPG is enriched with a first patch adding massive dungeons and bosses.

Fans of open MMORPGs that leave a lot of room for interaction between players had noted the date on their tablet: today, Mortal Online 2 is officially launched in commercial version.

However, we know that the launch of an MMORPG is only one of many dates in the game’s development, and this is even more true for Mortal Online 2: the game is in the continuity of the first Mortal Online and its ten years of exploitation, the release of this second opus was preceded by a long beta-test punctuated by many updates (the latest ones added housing, the fishing system in all the lakes and rivers of the game universe or even dungeons) and just launched, the MMORPG is already enriched with a first patch (a Day 1 Patch) which completes its content.

Mortal-Online-2 archersAmong other additions, this first patch integrates new massive bosses to face in the world of Nave, new options to customize the face of his character, new dungeons and secrets to discover in the exploration of the game world, or a more varied fauna to bring the world of Nave to life. And there are already plans for future updates, including a switch to the Unreal Engine 5.

As we know, Mortal Online 2 is a niche MMORPG that assumes itself as such (with a rather hardcore gameplay) and currently, the game’s servers obviously welcome a little more than 2000 players. To join them, you’ll have to buy a copy of the game (33,99€), then subscribe to the monthly subscription model – a first month’s subscription is included in the price of the game copy.

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