MMORPG PSO2: New Genesis brings a big update

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis celebrated its release on Steam, PC and Xbox in June 2021. However, there was criticism of the lack of mid- and endgame at the start. However, that is exactly what is being addressed with the first major update, which came out on December 15th.

What kind of game is this? New Genesis is a kind of expansion to Phantasy Star Online 2. You play there as an independent character who explores a whole new world in the same universe. However, this world is more reminiscent of an MMORPG than was the case with the original game.

However, both games run on the same launcher and you can even transfer your character back and forth, whereby only the appearance remains, but not the attributes or the equipment.

At the time of its release, New Genesis reached almost 60,000 simultaneous players in peak on Steam. Although the players had a lot of praise for the classes and the modes of movement in the game – you can sometimes fly and jump very far and high – the numbers dropped significantly a month after the release. The main reasons given were a lack of content. After about 30 hours you should have seen the most important content of the game.

What happened now? December 15th, the first major patch was deployed, which includes some major changes, including a completely new area.

New area and new level cap as highlights

What exactly is in the update? With the December patch, the new, open region of Retem will be brought into play. This contains sand dunes and very rocky terrain. In the area you can fight against new monsters and the huge boss Gigantix as well as collect new materials.

The update also includes:

  • A new story chapter
  • An increase in the level cap from 20 to 35
  • New skills for every class
  • New events and login rewards

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