MMORPG Element Quest may return to Steam again

MMORPG Element Quest is a colorful 2D game somewhat reminiscent of the anime “Avatar: The Last Airbender”. It launched on November 24th, 2021 as a Free2Play game on Steam but only got balanced reviews. The game has since been shut down on the platform. However, the developers are promising a possible return.

What was that game? Element Quest is a 2D side scroller reminiscent of the hit game MapleStory. The core of the game are the various elements that give the character one of the typical role-playing tasks:

  • Fire focuses on damage
  • Earth works with control and was a kind of tank
  • Water takes on the role of salvation
  • Air is the hybrid class, capable of damage, some support, and crowd control

The developers also emphasized that their game is based on social aspects. With the expeditions there is a kind of dungeon system for groups of 3 to 5 players. However, these adventures should consist of randomly generated levels and boss fights. Especially the boss fights with different mechanics should be the heart of the game.

In addition, Element Quest relies on an open game world that offers a day-night cycle. This cycle affects existing NPCs and traders. The shop is completely free of Pay2Win and only offers cosmetic content for 7 to 15 euros, as well as additional character slots. In a roadmap, the developers also announced other features, including two new elements, at least 3 new social hubs, a PvP system with a ranking list, new expeditions and mini-games in taverns.

What happened now? At the end of January, the developers announced the shutdown of the Steam version. They admitted to some mistakes, but also stressed that the amount of negativity from the players demotivated them. The MMORPG received 109 reviews on Steam, of which only 69% were positive. Only 30 users played at the peak at the same time.

What were the problems of Element Quest? According to the developers, there were a few aspects that led to the shutdown:

  • Players are said to have viewed the MMORPG as a finished product and not the potential that the game could offer in the future. There was a lot of negativity from that.
  • The developers, on the other hand, wanted to appeal to too large an audience and thereby neglected the quality of the game.
  • There was a shortage of players because the developers didn’t know where and how to promote their game. There was probably no cooperation with the press either.
  • The many negative comments resulted in the main developer leaving the game shortly after release.
  • The game is said to have generally not brought in enough money, which is why the version on Steam is not profitable.

How is the game going? While the Steam and thus the PC version has been shut down, Element Quest will continue to run on mobile for the time being. A return to Steam is probably planned, but only under certain conditions. The developers write:

Hopefully the game will be back online in the near future. With a better gaming experience, a smaller target audience, no localization and maybe under a different name.

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